Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thank You

To God Be The Glory! Thank you Teresa, Deborah Ann and Debbie! What a blessing you ladies are to me!
There is a song by a well known longtime gospel singer, Edwin Hawkins, that glorifies the Lord so sweetly. It is on my other blog with my music listings. It is called "To God Be The Glory"! Teresa as you so eloquently remind us that God is to be praised in all things no matter what!

Today is my sister's birthday and I give thanks to the Lord for her life! Happy birthday Sis!!! Teresa we have more in common than you know! I too weep before the Lord at the suffering and anguish of so many in the world today. Especially for the children! Lack, abuse, neglect, confusion, peer pressure, fear, hurt they are subject to so many atrocities! I have always told the Lord that somehow I want to be a blessing to the needy children and women as I can so relate to their sufferings! He led me to a gallery in Fort Myers that is owned by an organization that helps domestic violence women and children, the homeless and victims of human trafficking which is a big problem in the world and even here in S. Florida. Every piece of art sold gives 30% for the funding of the center. Once a year there is a huge auction event and the artists are asked to donate an item to be auctioned off. Perfect for me to be able to bless someone from the fruit of my hands. I pray to be able to  give more and more to this organization as we are blessed to be a blessing.

Stay well my friends and God's best to you all! Much love, Jan