Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glory And Praise To Our Triune God!!

I have been missing in action from this blog for too long. God is doing some amazing things in my
life lately for which I am humbly grateful. At the same time I have been challenged greatly in several areas
but as apostle Paul encourages us I "count it all joy". I am being stretched and pulled on the Master Potter's
wheel and am being purified through a "refiner's fire" and one day I will come out as "pure gold". As the Holy
Trinity surrounds me and fills me I am experiencing a great intimacy in my relationships with them.I pray for
you all and the whole world as we are instructed to do.  As I go from faith to faith and glory to glory I pray that
something I say or do draws others to the love of Christ. Stay prayerful and blessed!

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  1. Oh, my sisters blog she began (and she definitely felt Satan was attacking her)is: 'In the Vapor' and it can be reached from her other blog 'Rebecca's Rainbow' from your other site by clicking on you 'followers' link where the photo of Rebecca is in her hot pink blouse. Otherwise, you can come back to my blog and I have her OTHER blog: 4 Golden Eggs on my sidebar for links and you can link from her blog to 'In the Vapor' which she was only able to post one lovely post.